Emission reduction made easy

The Kautex C3LS process offers a practical and cost-effective way of producing modern plastic fuel tanks.

Vehicle emission standards are being tightened up all over the world. This is increasingly putting pressure on manufacturers of plastic fuel tanks to come up with new emission reduction solutions that meet the demands of the market. This has led to components such as valves, venting tubes, fuel pumps and anti-slosh baffles being mounted directly into the tank in order to – as far as possible – avoid having permeable openings in the plastic body of the tank. With its C3LS process, Kautex now offers a production method that is available to all fuel tank manufacturers for the first time.

Kautex patented process
“Over the years, we have helped a great many customers to introduce TAPT or twin-sheet processes into their operations”, explains Rene Vanmarcke, Project Manager at Kautex. “With these processes we have been able to achieve results that even comply with the very strict US LEV III and PZEV standards. However, all these processes are patented, so not every customer can use them. This is why we have developed the C3LS technology as a cost-effective alternative.” This makes Kautex the first machinery manufacturer to be able to offer all of its customers a patented process for the production of modern plastic fuel tanks.
Emissionssenkung leicht(er) gemacht
Innovation that can be retrofitted
It is not only new installations that can use the C3LS technology. Even existing industrial blow molding machines can be adapted without altering the footprint or height of the machinery. “The process can be combined just as easily with the tried- and-tested Kautex 6-layer co-extrusion head technology as with the popular wall thickness control system”, says Rene Vanmarcke. “As such, the new technology offers a practical and cost-effective solution in every respect.“


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