Industry 4.0 comes to Kautex

Anyone who takes an interest in global business trends knows the latest buzzword that also dominated this year’s Hannover trade show – Industry 4.0. According to many experts, this latest development heralds the dawn of a new age in industrial production. After steam, electrification and automation, it‘s the internet’s turn to revolutionize the industrial production process.

Internet software in development
Industry 4.0 has become a hot topic at Kautex too. Over recent months, Christoph Voigt has been working on the development of web-based software that will allow Kautex machines to be monitored anywhere – and more importantly, from
anywhere – in the world, via the internet. A second stage of development will mean that the machines can also be controlled remotely. “Industry 4.0 brings the internet
to the production line and offers a completely new way of monitoring and controlling production processes”, explains Voigt. The latest development involves an application known as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), which will run on HTML 5.0 and Javascript. The main basic requirement is that each machine is
networked and has its own IP address.

Access from anywhere
Plant operators will be able to access information on the performance of their machines via a PC, tablet or even a smartphone anytime, anywhere. „You‘ll no longer need to be near the machines, but will be able to have password-protected access to them from home or while away on a business trip.” says Voigt. Initially, only purely monitoring functions will be offered using the SCADA software, but customers will also be able to opt to have remote access to specific control functions. Access to Kautex machines via data links for service, maintenance and repair purposes has already been available for some time. If customers take up this option in their service contract, the service technician can log into the machinery at any time in order to carry out function tests and software updates. The new SCADA software is currently at the trial stage and should be available by the end of the year. Christoph Voigt is convinced: “We‘ve all seen how quickly the internet and mobile communications have become essential to our everyday lives. It‘s going to be the same here. Soon we‘ll be asking ourselves how we ever lived without Industry 4.0 and all that it has to offer“.

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