KCC20D: More cavities, more output

KCC machines type 20D are now also available outside Asia with an increased shuttle stroke.

Starting now, KCC20D machines with a transport lift of 900 and 1150 mm can also be ordered via the Kautex Head Office in Bonn. Until now these versions were only marketed by Kautex Shunde in China. With this move, the company is reacting to the increased demand for multi-cavity machines, especially in the area of consumer packaging.

Productive and flexible
The bottle ejector mechanism that is available as an option on the smaller KCC machines is already standard equipment on the large machine version. The machines produce with up to 2 x 16 cavities, they are suitable for volumes of between 100 ml and 5 litres. The 1150 mm version also has an increased clamping force of 36 tons. Both models are available with CE or ANSI declaration of conformity and can be packed into standard containers without any problems.

These high-output machines have already proved themselves to be ideal for the manufacture of detergent bottles with volumes of up to 3.5 litres. Sino Asia Packaging (SAP) also uses them for the production of shampoo bottles with volumes ranging from 200 to 750 ml.

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