New website highlights service philosophy

Kautex Maschinenbau‘s updated website has more to offer than just a new corporate design. Now it also provides a broad range of information on the company‘s products and people via a variety of media.

The 2012 customer questionnaire has shown us that there is strong demand for a wide range of online services. Kautex Maschinenbau has tackled this issue, and its new website now places the focus squarely on customer service.

So visitors to the new website will now find their research is made much easier. The site gives details of specific contact persons and offers a wide range of useful information, including technical data and tips on preventive maintenance. And we are still working on expanding its functionality so that it has even more to offer in the future.

We are now closer to our customers
Christian Kirchbaumer, Kautex team leader for communication, explains the benefits of the new online presence. „First and foremost, the website focuses on what the customer needs. It provides masses of information but is very easy to navigate“. The new web portal is divided into the four Kautex segments: Consumer Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Automotive and Specialities. The customer groups are offered information in a variety of formats. These include PDF datasheets and a wide choice of video clips on the various segments, machinery ranges and individual machines. Examples of technology and products are clearly illustrated so that even plastics novices can get to grips with blow molding technology.

Corporate design pioneers
The group‘s online presence is also the first medium to present Kautex Maschinenbau‘s new corporate design. The company‘s outward appearance will gradually be adopted throughout the organization. The site has been programmed in such a way that the layout adapts auto-matically to computers, tablets and smartphones. By recognizing the customer‘s location, it automatically switches to the local language. Other languages such as Russian are in the pipeline.



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