All-electric KBB series saves time and energy

Kautex Maschinenbau sets new standards in consumer packaging.
Our new series of machines offers packaging manufacturers a particularly wide range of packaging options while increasing their efficiency. The all-electric KBB machines are set up to handle mono or multi-layer production and container volumes of between 50 and 5,000 ml. They also offer maximum flexibility in choice of cavities.

All electri KBB series

Time-saving for greater efficiency
Greater efficiency can be achieved by reducing the quantities being transported and thanks to a perfectly proportioned drive system. By accelerating the feed movement and optimizing the motion profiles of all moving axles, the number of cycles per hour can be increased, resulting in higher output. The dry cycle time of the KBB60D with stroke of 770 mm is just 2.3 seconds. A brand new extrusion tube die for significantly faster color changes and an automatic lubrication system in the blow molding machine ensure easy maintenance and combine to reduce downtime.

Compact design, low energy
The KBB machines only have one output point and can be easily integrated into existing production. Items are combined and tested for tightness directly in the machine. This reduces space requirements by up to 25 percent. The design is rounded off with sliding doors for easy access.

The Kautex designers have also taken great strides on the environmental front. Energy consumption is much lower with electric blow molding machinery than with hydraulic solutions, but the new lightweight closing device means that it can now be reduced still further. Combined with the integrated recovery of braking energy and an effective temperature control solution for the extruder, the new KBB machines now use up to 42 percent less energy, depending on application.


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