Extrusion blow molded packaging for dairy products

Extrusion blow molded HDPE bottles allow manufacturers of dairy packaging to meet their customers' requirements while at the same time improving the efficiency of their production.

Extrusion blow molded packaging for dairy products

Demand for dairy products is soaring. The market intelligence firm Euromonitor has predicted global growth of 11 percent between 2013 and 2017.Dairy packaging has to meet the challenges of this increasing demand, and the environment is a major factor in this respect. The market is demanding a reduction in packaging and increased use of recycled materials. It is also necessary to reduce energy costs, but these savings must not affect the flexibility of the machinery or the design of the product. At the point of sale, consumers increasingly expect best possible function to be combined with respect for the environment. Consumers also expect food products to have the longest possible life, along with portion control at the moment of consumption.

Functional and flexible: HDPE bottles
Over the coming years, the demanding requirements of industry and consumers will have a positive impact on the use of multi-layer packaging. Even today, blow-molded HDPE bottles are popular packaging choices for milk and other liquid dairy products. Current predictions suggest that their use will increase by another 20 percent by 2017. Extrusion blow molded HDPE bottles are suitable for packaging all kinds of milk, irrespective of its treatment (pasteurized, UHT or sterilized). The production process also makes it possible to combine different materials. Barrier layers can be integrated and recycled materials used without any problems. At the same time, the extrusion blow molding process offers a variety of design options. It can produce a wide range of bottle shapes, structures and colors.

Fully-electric machinery for increased efficiency
In the booming Asian market – which includes the world's largest consumer nations, India and China – dairy packaging manufacturers have already been using Kautex Maschinenbau machines for many years. Now our new series of machines offers packaging manufacturers a particularly wide range of packaging options while increasing their efficiency.

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