Learning from our mistakes

Handling large, complex and often expensive machinery is something that has to be learned. A moment's inattention and there is a major risk of serious damage. This is why trainee pilots practice on flight simulators before they are allowed to take control of a real aircraft. And now we have a similar simulator for blow molding machines.

Learning from mistakes

A compact training tool
With its "virtual machine", Kautex has developed a realistic training tool that allows an authentic simulation of real production processes. It consists of a compact workstation unit comprising a simulation computer, two monitors, a projector and a real control panel.Learning from mistakes

Development engineer Achim Trübner is aware that many of our customers' staff are afraid of making a mistake when learning to operate new machinery. "Making mistakes is the best way to learn. In contrast to a real machine, wrong settings or commands can be made on the simulator without any risk. Nothing can be damaged on a virtual machine, but it allows me to see what would have happened if I had made a mistake on a real machine." In contrast to real production, where I would need material, large amounts of energy and staff, all I need for virtual operation is a normal 230-volt plug. So training on the virtual machine means a range of production scenarios can be simulated any number of times, such as safely starting and stopping the machine or dealing with breakdowns.

The first virtual machines were developed as a training tool for the KBS series. But now there is also a virtual machine for the new KBB machines.


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