Blowfilling technology saves materials and weight

Blow molding applications have to meet a wide range of requirements. Significant weight reduction, improved stability and savings on materials can all be achieved with blowfilling technology and Kautex Maschinenbau.

In the blowfilling process, either parts of or the complete blow molded pieces are filled with recycleable mini beads made of foamed plastic and then bonded using steam. This significantly reduces material usage and the weight of the component.

Blowfilling-TechnologyMore stability thanks to thousands of cell walls
At the start of the production process, a blown container is formed using blow molding technology. The compressed plastic beads are fed into the container under pressure and then fused together by steam. The end result is a compact structure that is the equal of any other sandwich molding process.

Improved sound and heat insulation
Flat parts such as car door liners and even shower walls, tractor roofs, auto body parts such as under-body-shields and bumpers are easy to produce from a single material using blowfilling technology. It also improves the sound and heat insulating properties of the components, along with their flow resistance. In practice, this type of blow molding technology is particularly popular in Japan.


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