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First plastics seminar in Cairo

What is the current state of blow molding technology? What are the main challenges for the future? Where can I find solutions to all my application problems? In May this year, the first Kautex plastics seminar in Cairo provided the answers to these and many other questions. More than 40 seminar participants came together in the exclusive surroundings of the Fairmont Hotel in the Egyptian capital.

Seminar KairoThey included chief executives and company owners, plant managers and young engineers from 15 different firms. They were there to learn new information, but above all they were keen to use the opportunity to exchange ideas and talk to the Kautex experts who were in attendance. Moustafa Kamal, Kautex‘s sole agent in Cairo, was actively supported by Engin Evcimen and Michael Niesser from Kautex Bonn, as well as by Du Guoliang, President of Shunde Kautex Plastics Technology.

At the end of a very informative day, the organisers and visitors were all in agreement: every problem has a solution - we just have to talk about it.


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