New standard in consumer packaging

The all-electric KBB series sets new consumer packaging standards not just in terms of the economy but also in terms of the operating convenience.

During the development of the pioneering machine concept, the focus was upon the decisive requirements of the market
- in accordance with the major themes of creativity, efficiency and benchmarks:

Kautex KBB 60

Growing demands in relation to the flexibility and design freedom mean blow molding machines are constantly facing new challenges. Discover the creative solutions of the new KBB series.

Scarce resources and ever increasing energy prices demand ever more efficient production processes. The KBB already meets these requirements.

There are many sides to economic efficiency. That is why the operation and servicing of the KBB series has been designed with simplicity and convenience as key priorities.

Kautex KBB Series

Highlights of the KBB series

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Maximum performance

  • Highest speeds
  • Minimal dry cycle times
  • Crank drive with long service life
  • Smooth and optimized movement profiles

Easy handling

  • Entirely operable and adjustable during operation
  • Retrieval of production data using a web interface on mobile devices
  • Integrated mold thickness compensation
  • Clamping force measurement and adjustment from the operation panel
  • Integrated leak testing

High utilization

  • Quick change system for fast product changeovers
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Lubrication-free bearings

Modular design

  • Two exchangeable clamping units per production type for a broad article spectrum
  • Simple retrofi tting from mono layer to ReCo three layer

Less energy

  • Energy recovery of braking energy back to the machine or the electricity grid
  • Energy savings from reduced weight
  • Efficient extruder heating

Convenient product transportation

  • Product tranport can be conveniently adjusted
  • Product discharge from the machine at one side
  • Oriented defl ash transport through integrated waste belts and deflash guidance system

Reduced space requirements

  • Compact design for optimal use of space
  • Machine modules can be transported in containers making delivery easier
  • Integrated switch cabinets

Remote monitoring at any time, from any where

BC Connect opens up a new dimension in remote monitoring. For the first time, the web-based software allows users secure access to the production data of individual machines, at any time, from any where in the world.

Kautex BC Connect

More efficiency and flexibility

Industry 4.0 enters your production facilities with BC Connect. Quickly and easily call up the status of your machines anywhere, using password-protected internet access.

The user-friendly interface allows for simple operation.
Thanks to Responsive Design, the display is automatically adjusted to the corresponding end device, regardless of whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone. BC Connect is therefore the ideal interface for common remote monitoring systems. The innovative software solution is compatible with current browsers and operating systems.

Existing machines can also be retrofitted with BC Connect in the future.

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