Agri Industrial Plastics (AIP) - Investing in innovation

US manufacturer Agri Industrial Plastics (AIP) really sets the pace when it comes to corporate vision. Kautex Maschinenbau has been the company’s strategic partner since opening its doors almost 35 years ago.

“Flexibility” is the key word when describing the reasons for AIP’s success. Since its foundation in 1978 in Fairfield, Iowa, the company has consistently worked to expand its customer base – which could hardly be more diverse. Whether it is fuel tanks, soundproof screens or shelf systems, AIP supplies customised solutions to meet every requirement and works closely with the customer from the initial design idea right through to the finished product. But this is not the only reason
why customers remain so loyal to the company. AIP is also the watchword for excellent quality, fast reaction times and on-time delivery. Over the years, the company has grown from a tiny four-man operation to one of North America’s leading manufacturers of extrusion blow molded components. It has relied on the expertise of Kautex right from the start and it continues to invest in technical innovation.

Mick Stielow, AIP’s Director of Sales and Marketing, comments: “Cutting-edge technology is essential if you want to survive in this business. As the world’s
leading supplier of extrusion blow molding machinery, Kautex helps us to be constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of flexibility, efficiency and quality.” 21 Kautex machines are currently operating at AIP. The trend is increasingly moving towards multi-layered production processes.

“Single-layer tanks have largely become obsolete, particularly for biofuels. It is now essential to have additional barrier layers in order to meet emission standards”, says Geoff Ward, Engineering Manager at AIP. At the same time, the company is countering growing price pressures by increasing automation levels in its production area and by reducing run times. Kautex Maschinenbau remains the supplier of choice in this area. “For us, Kautex is much more than just a
supplier of high-quality manufacturing solutions”, says Mick Stielow. “Instead, we think of the company as our strategic partner and we believe it has played a major part in AIP’s success.”
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