Siepe GmbH - KBB proves its worth

Siepe GmbH is proof positive of how traditional firms also know how to benefit from the innovative capacity of the market. Based in Kerpen, Germany, this packaging manufacturer knows the value of investing in state-of-the-art machinery, and it is one of the first Kautex customers to benefit from the energy efficiency and flexibility offered by our new, all-electric KBB

Siepe GmbH has been producing and selling premium quality metal and plastic packaging for over 135 years. 280 employees at three factories in Germany produce a wide range of packaging in all shapes and sizes, including bottles, canisters, lidded containers and barrels. They are used for all kinds of bulk materials such as chemicals, paint, varnish, glue, cleaning materials, mineral oil, foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. In autumn last year, the company opened its new, high-tech plastic packaging production facility next to its main factory in Kerpen. It is now manufacturing standard and customised consumer packaging for customers in Germany and abroad. As part of this expansion, the company also decided to invest in a state-of-the-art Kautex machine.

A new generation of machinery
When he is selecting suppliers, Josef Siepe, the CEO of this successful family-run company, is looking to establish long-term relationships and work with firms who take a responsible approach to the use of raw materials and resources. So it is hardly surprising that his company is one of the first customers to buy the all-electric Kautex KBB machine. Electric blow molding machinery is much more energy-efficient than hydraulic solutions, and the new lightweight clamp unit means energy consumption can now be reduced even further. The all-electric KBB machines are set up to handle single or multi-layer production and container volumes of between 50 and 5,000 ml. They also offer maximum flexibility in the number of cavities.

A smooth start-up
The KBB60D has now been operating at Siepe GmbH since autumn 2013. It has been configured to run 2 x 4 cavities with an output of 2,400 items per hour and is supplemented by a fully-automatic packing machine which bundles the products directly onto trays, cartons or palettes. Siepe GmbH is currently using the all-electric machine in the production of multi-coloured one-liter round bottles with handles and different neck sizes for household cleaners – at a rate of 57,000 pieces per day. It is planned to start production of 1.5 liter bottles in the near future.
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