Zibo Jielin Plastic Pipe Manufacture - Fighting the price war with quality

The Zibo Jielin Plastic Pipe Manufacture Co., Ltd. has been producing plastic container products for 7 years. Despite the very competitive market, it has now expanded its production by purchasing another KBS241 machine.

Zibo Jielin began life as plastic pipe manufacturers in 2001, but since 2007 the company has also been producing intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and plastic drums with volumes up to 200 liters. Its plastic pipe business concentrates on Northern China and Jiangsu-Zhejiang, whereas its containers are distributed throughout China. And with some success: this year General Manager Xu Yueming has expanded production with the purchase of a KBS241 from Kautex Maschinenbau.

Mr Yueming, what do you expect from your machinery?
In these times of scarce resources and volatile energy prices, when we purchase new machinery our main focus is on efficiency and low energy consumption. It is also important that the machines are simple to operate, so that they can be maintained by our own staff.

You have been using Kautex blow molding equipment since 2007. What motivated you to turn to Kautex once again?
For us, Kautex machinery means we can guarantee steady production of top-quality products. We have been operating our two existing Kautex machines for many years, and they have been extremely reliable.

How can suppliers such as Kautex help you to deal with the challenges of the market?
In the industrial packaging sector, the main challenge is constant price pressure. So I need our suppliers to provide cost-effective products with excellent after-sales service at relatively low prices. And when we are developing new machinery solutions, we want to be able to use our suppliers' expertise to help us continue with our program of innovation. We are currently working with Kautex on reducing weight and saving materials in our products.

What are your goals in the Chinese market?
If we increase our market share, the competition simply gets tougher. So at the moment our priority is to consolidate our position in the market. We ensure long-term customer loyalty by delivering first-class quality and service. The key factors here are our state-of-the-art machinery and, above all, our excellent, motivated team. In the long term, we would like to make even faster progress and be even more innovative. Kautex Maschinenbau is an important partner for us in this respect.
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