Dimensions and Space Requirements

These dimensions and space requirements only serve as a reference. For your detailed planning please ask for binding dimensional sketches..
Length (approx. mm) 7.100
Width (approx. mm) 2.200
Height (approx. mm) 4.500

Parison die head

  Centre distanceDie diameter*
1 - cavity max. mm - 200/250
2 - cavities max. mm 270 150
* valid for monolayer application


Width max. mm 610
Length max. mm 700
Thickness min. mm 2x 250
Mold weight max. kg 2x 600
Carriage shuttle stroke mm 570
Daylight between platens min. mm 500
max. mm 880
Clamp stroke max. mm 380
Length incl. 50mm superstructure

Blow Molding Machine

Clamping force kN 380
Closing speed mm/s 500
Dry cycle time* s 3,9
Hydraulic drive kW 22
Hydraulic drive for VWDS + PWDS kW 4/5,5
*Sum of the mold movements, independent from the process
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