Economical with practice-oriented trial runs

New designs and product enhancements need thorough practical testing, but for many reasons, including cost, it is not always possible to test them directly on the intended production machine. So a professional simulation is the best way of getting results. Based on 3D-CAD data, Kautex Maschinenbau realistically re-creates the process and product characteristics. This procedure opens up numerous possibilities for evaluation and allows improvements to be identified even before making a protype mold.

It’s not just normal applications such as blowing procedures or filling that can be realistically tested in this way. We can also monitor the internal pressure and the general functionality of products. Fault simulations can be used to identify and resolve weak points in the concept or the product design in advance. Drop tests and top-load tests ensure maximum performance of the products during the filling process and transportation. The slosh noise test allows us to examine the stability of the container, particularly when transporting liquids.

A professional simulation can ultimately even determine the optimal wall thickness distribution. In practice, this means maximum stability at the lowest possible cost.

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