Location ambassador

Since the end of last year, Dr. Olaf Weiland has been the economic ambassador for the city of Bonn. Along with 22 other personalities from a wide variety of economic sectors, the managing partner at Kautex Maschinenbau advocates the expansion and sustainable development of the city as an international business hub.

Born in Bonn, Olaf Weiland has a close connection to the city, where Kautex was founded more than eight decades ago and where it has been headquartered since that time. In international terms, North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) is regarded as one of the most important regions for the plastics industry. Numerous businesses involved with plastics processing, plastics machinery and in the plastic manufacturing industry are located here. And for Kautex Maschinenbau too, the factory site is of great importance and is currently being further developed.

Dr. Weiland: ‘As a company we enjoy almost perfect conditions here. We are easily accessible for international visitors and are able to draw upon numerous qualified, reliable suppliers and service providers. The high density of universities and specialist research facilities offers our innovation-driven sector the best opportunities for development. The company and staff, including their families, benefit from the dual education system and good infrastructure in and around Bonn. Last, but not least, the extensive range of cultural and leisure options available in the city ensure that everyone feels great here in the long-term.’

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