KBB - Benchmarks

We have innovative solutions to make the operation and maintenance of your machinery much more simple and effective in future.

New ways to reduce your cost per bottle

The investment is really worthwhile: with the KBB range you can gradually lower your production costs and so reduce your cost per bottle.

KBB Cost per BottleHow can we be so sure?
Our new technologies allow you to improve efficiency, expand systems and reduce space requirements, all helping to lower your cost per bottle.

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Reduced downtime

Increase your annual unit production figures simply by reducing downtime!

KBB StillstandszeitenHow does it work?
Our automatic maintenance system warns you of wear and tear long before it becomes an issue, while taking advantage of our tried-and-tested preventive maintenance services to help you increase the operating life of your machinery.  Innovative quick change systems and easily accessible online handbooks can also save you valuable production time.
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Innovative solutions for adjusting closing force

Do you find the existing methods of adjusting closing force are just too laborious?
If so, you’ll love our new KBB range!

Closing ForceHow have we made the whole process easier?
Simple: in future you’ll be able to operate your machinery by remote control, and visual inspections can be easily carried out via a monitor.

- You’ll be hearing more about this soon!

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