KBB - Creativity

We have developed a range of concepts to satisfy our customers’ growing demand for flexibility and the freedom to implement their own ideas.

Reduction in space requirements

More compact construction not only saves space at your production facility, but it also saves you money. Container-compatible transportation modules make it easier to deliver your machines without you having to worry about accessibility.

Reduzierung des PlatzbedarfsHow have we done that?
When we were designing the new mold clamping frame we were already thinking about making it a container-friendly unit, even for double station machines.

- You’ll be hearing more about this soon!


Modular solutions for greater flexibility

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution? No problem! The KBB range's modular construction means we can not only offer you customized machines but also simplified production processes and reduced retooling and mold changeover times.

ModularisierungHow have we done that?

Our KBB extruder platform is easy to expand at a later date when switching from mono to ReCo.  Existing locking mechanisms can also be exchanged quickly and easily to alternatives with greater closing force.

Or by using our new quick change system you can change molds more rapidly and easily than ever before.  You’ll need fewer tools to do the job and can take the mold change cart right up to the machine without any problems.

- You’ll be hearing more about this soon!


Simplified handling and monitoring

Does it bother you that you can’t adjust all the settings to optimize your product while the machine is running?  Do you want to be able to change products easily while monitoring the machine's status using your smartphone or tablet at any time, no matter where you are?

MonitoringThen we have good news for you!
We have set up the controls for the new KBB series in such a way that all necessary adjustments can be made remotely without the need to halt production.

By using intelligent mold changing systems such as the new Quick Change System or tool indexing, changing molds on the new KBB series has become child's play.

With our mobile online visualization system, it’s now possible to monitor the status of your machine at any time via the internet, using a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

- You’ll be hearing more about this soon!

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