KBB - Success

Kautex Maschinenbau has an excellent global reputation as a strong partner to the packaging industry.
Our company is well-known for its durable machinery and reliable production – and this is precisely what you can expect from the new KBB range

But what are durability, creativity and improved efficiency without Kautex's reliable services?  Along with our innovative machinery solutions, these are the keys to your success.

Product development                     Technikum                     Line Engineering    
Training                                           Retrofit                          Remote Diagnostics
Spare parts and accessories          Preventive maintenance

We have continued to expand our successful service concept exclusively for our customers.

Revolutionary training concept

The training we can now offer using our new "virtual" machines is nothing short of sensational!

TrainingImagine being able to train your staff on a fully operational machine without having to physically set it up!  You’ll be fascinated by our new generation of virtual machines.
- But again we don't want to tell you too much just yet!

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