Elmeg shapes its future with Kautex machines

In the international automotive business, the name Elmeg has enjoyed a good reputation for more than 30 years. The Italian automobile supplier has specialized in the blow moulding process and has been the official supplier for suction blow moulded 3D parts since 2013 as they are used, for instance, in turbo-charged engines.

Elmeg purchased its first Kautex machines 10 years ago. Since then the two companies have developed a virtually friendly relationship. Salvatore Giordano, the recently deceased founder of the family company, compared the cooperation of the two companies with the successful cooperation between Ferrari and Michael Schumacher: ”It is very nice to work with Germans when you want to develop new ideas.“

Automotive in the DNA
In the meantime the son of the company founder, Gianluca Giordano, has taken over the management of the company and conducts business in the same manner his father did. Values such as technical competence, willingness to improve one's performance, and especially appreciating one's own values are part of the company mission. And not to forget, a passion for automotive which is passed down from generation to generation in the Giordano family. ”Being fascinated with automobiles is deeply engrained in our company DNA,” says Gianluca Giordano.

The Italian automobile supplier uses a total of four Kautex machines. They include a KB260 for the production of plastic fuel tanks and a Kautex K3D-SB8 suction blow moulding machine which Elmeg loves because of its reliability and flexibility. This compact machine can be used for suction blow moulding and for conventional blow moulding applications and various materials. This allows Elmeg to process different materials alternatingly, such as Hytrel, Zytel, or PA6.6.

Specialists for 3D blow moulded parts
Its specialization in components created using blow moulding has allowed the company (which has an additional factory in Serbia since 2012) to acquire a great wealth of know-how. In contrast to most other competitors, and in addition to doing the engineering, Elmeg also makes its own moulds. This allows them to realize customer wishes quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively but also to perform short-notice optimizations in the process.

Gianluca Giordano feels that this high level of customer support positions his company very well and adds: ”An important criterion for success is the optimal interplay of know-how, materials, and mechanical engineering. Kautex Maschinenbau is a partner which always supports us actively in the development of new solutions.” In the future Elmeg plans increasing international expansion under the motto ”Shaping together” – especially as expert for 3D suction blow moulded components.

Learn more about Elmeg here: www.elmeg.it

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