The next round of the Roadshow

What began as a test has now established itself: Kautex will strengthen its presence in the regions with the Blow Molding Roadshow and get closer to its customers. After events in Cairo, Lyon, Teheran and South-East Asia, in April 2016 Israel and Spain were on the program.

The host in Tel Aviv was Kautex's distribution partner Pinto Technologies. After a brief welcome by Kautex Managing Director and Partner Andreas Lichtenauer and agency chief Shahar Pinto, Guido Krechel presented the activities of Kautex Maschinenbau on the Israeli market. Afterwards, the visitors received extensive information about production possibilities of consumer and industrial packaging as well as specific technologies such as composite applications or automatic testing procedures.

In Spain, Enrique Padilla Pozo, Tom Rinio, and Ricardo Avila of the Kautex partner MKP welcomed the participants of the Roadshow in Madrid. Together with the Kautex team of Barbara Klevesahl, Dieter Hülle, Dietmar Michels, and Siegfried Eckert they informed the participants about the production of barrels using the multi-layer process and the all-electric KBB series for consumer packaging.

Another focus was on the production of Type IV composite cylinders. In the afternoon, Fedai Arslan provided an overview of the wide Kautex service program.

Additional Blow Molding Roadshow events are being planned.

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