Industrial Packaging

Machines for safe and functional industrial packaging

Industrial packagings packages have an important role to play in the packaging segment alongside consumer packagings packages and they form an important part of the Kautex Maschinenbau range.

Whether you are looking for stackable jerry cans, drums, IBCs or water cisterns, we offer production solutions for target applications which are perfectly coordinated so that the highest levels of output capacity and product quality are guaranteed. We supervise the development from A to Z and support our customers right through to the product and mold design.

Sustainability and haptic quality have a significant role to play with industrial packagings in addition to unit costs, function, and weight. Unlike consumer packagings, industrial ones often involve much larger containers, which may contain particularly expensive or hazardous substances. So, we produce containers which comply with UN specifications and are so safe that they can be transported anywhere in the world.

We are constantly engaged in technological progress with our partners for your benefit. Our aim is to increase your productivity alongside ever increasing quality. This means you will always receive the most cost-effective solution.

Application examples

We constantly analyse the efficiency of our processes and benchmark the energy consumption of our machines making the KBB400 Kautex machine perform top of the class.

Martin Schack Staffeldt

Managing Director,
AST. Plastic Containers UK LLP

AST. Plastic Containers UK LLP
Kautex gives us a real sense of security thanks to its first-class machine technology and excellent customer service, and we want to continue having this guarantee of success.

Walter Bestetti

Con Plax New Pac

Con Plax New Pac

Reasons for Kautex



Wide-ranging packaging expertise thanks to broad project experience over many years



New solutions for process and product cost optimization always being created thanks to the inspiration of our customers



The right production solution for your requirements

Mold validations

Mold validations

A huge range of possibilities in our international technology centers

Product bandwidth

Product bandwidth

Lots of possibilities thanks to mono or multilayer extrusion with and without view stripes

KBB range

Maximum performance and minimum energy consumption: The all-electric extrusion blow molding machines from Kautex Maschinenbau are the benchmark for bottle production.

KCC range

Performance oriented and cost efficient at the same time. The all-rounders of the KCC range are the result of consistent further development of these successful machine.

KSH range

We have developed the KSH range for mono and multilayer applications for the production of plastic drums and IBC´s.


The fully electric extrusion blow molding machines meet the specifications of cleanroom class GMP C as part of a coordinated production system. They also make comprehensive transfer of operating data from production possible.

Consumer Packaging

We develop high-performance machines for our customers which signify two aspects: Sustainable production and low unit costs.

Technology Center

From mold validation in one of our international technology laboratories via simulation and all the way to complete line-engineering, everything needed for your turnkey solution is available.


Your added value for “smart” production solutions of hollow plastic products. With K Technology, Kautex customers achieve the perfect melt, the most homogeneous distribution, and seamless production sequences.


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