Drawing experience from 80 years

Listening to customers, developing solutions and making the technically impossible possible – that is how you could briefly describe Kautex’s success story. On our 80th anniversary, we are looking back once more at the milestones in the company’s history in this K-News, whilst also presenting a range of technical innovations.

Kautex Maschinenbau HistorieKautex’s history goes hand in hand with the history of extrusion blow molding technology. In both cases, Reinold Hagen’s and his brothers’ courage, desire to experiment and passion for technology made a great contribution. What was started by our founders 80 years ago is still being carried out by Kautex Maschinenbau to this day. In so doing, the company has focused on what it does best: extrusion blow molding - no more and no less. Kautex Maschinenbau would not have become one of the most successful companies in its sector if it had not been focused and had not pursued the needs of its customers with passion and drive.

The best of both worlds

As managing partner, Andreas Lichtenauer knows that the eventful history had a considerable impact on the company’s success: “In the 80 years of being in business, Kautex was at times independent and owner managed and at times part of a global organization. We don’t just know both worlds, we have, so to speak, embedded the best of both worlds in the DNA of our company.” Modern management practices were implemented in the company over time and global strategies and processes developed and introduced. These abilities, coupled with the flexibility, speed and independence of an owner managed are important success factors in the market.

Kautex Maschinenbau Headquarter




Always on the move

Kautex Maschinenbau is above all well known for constantly introducing ground breaking technical innovations. In the next 12 months, the company will present a wide range of new technical innovations. This includes an all-electrical canister machine, a compact machine design that is perfect for the production of containers and a new energy efficient drive module for various models of extrusion blow molding machines. You can read more about current Kautex projects on pages 6 and 7.

Andreas Lichtenauer is convinced that Kautex Maschinenbau is well positioned for a bright future: “Our aim is to make extrusion blow molding even more flexible and efficient so that even more products can be manufactured with this process in the future.”

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