First commercial blow molding machines

With his entrepreneurial mindset and love for experimentation, Kautex founder, Reinold Hagen, led the company from the shrink tube to the development of the world’s first standard system for manufacturing seamless plastic hollow containers. Today, more than 6,100 active machines are registered.

Reinold Hagen (1938)It requires a lot of courage and self confidenceto set up on your own at the age of 22. ReinoldHagen had both when he formed the Galvanischen Werkstätten (Galvanic Workshops) in Siegburg in 1935. As an entrepreneurial visionary, he became the driving force and head of a company which gained internationalrecognition.In the early years, Reinold Hagen focusedon the surface treatment of metals. Since areplacement had to be found for essential rawmaterials during the war years, he discoverednew territory, technically speaking, with theprocessing of the thermoplastic resin polyvinylchloridein the 30s. In 1949, his brother,Theo, developed a process for blow moldingPVC shrink tubes. Reinold Hagen experimentedfurther and eventually found a method of blowmolding thermoplastic materials in such a waythat they kept their shape. Thanks to the stabilizationof the raw material situation Extrusion blow molding machine (1949)followingcurrency reform, polyethylene blow moldingmaterials were available for the first time ona large scale. In the same year, the first evermanufactured seamless 10-litre containerwas blown on a Kautex machine. The Kautexfounder was therefore able to further expand his business from 1950 and started to export the first machines to the US in 1955.

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