Kautex 20 years in Shunde

In addition to the 80th year anniversary, Kautex has yet another reason to celebrate. 20 years ago, the foundation stone was laid for the Kautex plant in Shunde in the southern Chinese area of Guangdong.

In order to facilitate entry to the Asian market, Krupp Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH, together with the Chen Hsong and the Shunde Sunny Group in China, formed the company Krupp Chen 20 KRUPP Chen Joint Venture Signingyears ago. What once began as a German-Chinese joint venture in the southern Chinese region of Guangdong, over nine years developed into a strong business unit, which produces KCC machines on site and delivers worldwide. Since the exit of the Chinese partners in 2004, the company trades under the name Shunde Kautex. It has been a one hundred percent subsidiary of Kautex since 2005.

Modernization and expansion of production

Under the guidance of the local management team of Du Guoliang, Andreas Krause and Mark Lüddecke, the company continued to develop Shunde Kautex. With modern production and an established group of reliable suppliers, good foundations were laid over the past years to reinforce the fact that Kautex machines are renowned worldwide, including the products from the plant in Shunde. For this purpose, an international “KCC quality team“ was formed in 2010.

In the meantime, the number of satisfied customers in Asia as well as in the western world was growing year to year so that at the start of 2013, Shunde Kautex opened a new larger factory, which was modeled on the production building in Bonn. Thanks to a higher ceiling in the assembly hall, it was not just possible for trucks to drive from the loading area in to the assembly hall but the construction of larger multi-layer or multi-cavity machines is also now possible. Thanks to the greater production capacity, customers benefit from shorter lead times with proven quality.

Retrofit program also now in China

KCC1Recently, Shunde Kautex has been also been offering its customers the opportunity of modernization of blow molding machines according to the retrofit concept. “Kautex-Maschinenbau has a very good reputation in the second-hand machinery market,” stresses Managing Partner, Andreas Lichtenauer. “In order to also guarantee aspects such as productivity, convenience, flexibility and safety in the long run, we offer our customers the opportunity to upgrade Kautex equipment to the current standards in a cost effective way through our retrofit program.” In addition to upgrading controls, head, extruder or closing device and the integration of new production methods, production lines can also be subsequently automated or updated in order to obtain the CE marking.

Contact: mark.lueddecke(at)kautex-group.com


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