Team of extruder experts

The important part of a computer is its processor and the same applies to an extrusion blow molding machine and its extruder. The performance potential of these core compo­nents has a significant influence on the perfor­mance of the Extrudermachine. In order to always meet ever changing market requirements, Kautex has a special extruder team which is devoted to the constant improvement and further development of extruder technology.

In the past year, the extruder team of experts, led by Willi Döhmen, was set up in the Tech­nikum. It is made up of eight members from R&D, Service and Technikum and combines expertise in process engineering, construction and product and test management. At the moment, the team is working on projects to improve homogeneity, to reduce the melting temperature when processing high-molecular HDPE, opportunities to speed up color change, and foam extrusion in the Mucell process.

Contact: willi.doehmen(at)

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