In-house testing saves time and money

Kautex is equipping its Technical Center with in-house burst and cycle testing equipment for pressure vessels made of fiber-reinforced composites.
Product development has always been a priority at Kautex Maschinenbau. In the area of composites, the company works with raw materials suppliers and customers to develop new solutions for storing and transporting green energy sources. However, until now, it has always been necessary to use external testing institutes to carry out the load testing required for certification purposes. This led to projects being subjected to unnecessary delays and additional costs. But now our new burst and cycle testing equipment means that everyone involved in the project can work more independently.

In-house testing saves time and monyNew testing equipment speeds up project work
The new testing rig has been designed by Kautex project engineer Thorsten Bung and colleagues as part of their ongoing professional training. Kautex Maschinenbau provided the funding and the facilities of its Technical Center so that the project team could manufacture the equipment.

In the burst and cycle testing equipment, pressure vessels made of fiber-reinforced composites are filled with water and brought to bursting point while plotting a pressure-time diagram. Based on a variety of norms, this testing method allows the load capacity of the pressure vessels to be measured and their safety coefficient defined. The equipment also provides a picture of the wear experienced by the vessels during their life cycles. The cycle test subjects the pressure vessels to 30 bars of pressure a total of 12,000 times. A final burst test provides vital information on anticipated material fatigue.

Detailed results within just a few days
"This equipment is a major advantage for product development", enthuses Thorsten Bung. "Now we can quickly and easily test to see how new materials and molds behave under pressure. This allows us to give better technical advice and prevents information about our projects being leaked." Kautex customers benefit by gaining significant time-savings and greater flexibility during projects. The equipment in the Kautex Technical Center means that detailed results are available within just a few days.


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