Flexible VW production using Kautex systems

Two KBS machines in the Wolfsburg factory
Back in 1976, Volkswagen AG began its own production of plastic fuel tanks and from the start placed its trust in technology from Kautex Maschinenbau. A few of the eight KB250 machines from this time are still in use for the fuel tank production of the current Golf model. By means of the retrofit program, they were continually updated and adapted to the current technical standards. For the production of the VW models Touran and Tiguan, the car maker has acquired the KBS241 CoEx, another Kautex fuel tank blowing system using the coextrusion process. In addition, an existing system was updated as part of the retrofit program. Kautex Maschinenbau, as general contractor for both projects, was responsible for the entire process from blow molding system and tools via post-cooling, all the way to labeled, ready-to-install tanks on the conveyor track.

Modern blow molding technology for modular production
Both the new and the modernized extrusion blow molding system offer the possibility of automated deflashing, so-called in-mold deflashing (IMD). The new machine also works with the baffle insertion process which makes it possible to insert a component inside the fuel tank in order to reduce splashing noise.

The two double station machines work mainly with the same tools and are compatible in terms of the part produced on them. This mutual compatibility leads to increased production availability and increased production stability. Using compatible tools, the car manufacturer has production flexibility.

”Kautex machines are an investment into the future,” says the project manager at VW. ”While offering the possibility of modern extrusion blow molding technology, the retrofit program of Kautex Maschinenbau also allows us to keep our machine pool at the state- of-the-art of technology at all times.”

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