The latest KSB series: compact, reliable, flexible, economical

With the new KSB suction blow molding machines, Kautex Maschinenbau presents a completely new machine type which serves especially for the low-flash production of 3D molded parts.

The KSB series is a completely newly developed generation of suction blow molding machines for mono applications and sequential co-extrusion. Today, KSB machines are available as single-station machine and serve for the production of low-flash 3D plastic parts which are needed for example in the car segment as intake air ducts, turbo ducts, or filling pipes.

The KSB base version – compact and economical
Under the motto ”less is more“ it was important in the development that the base version of the machine would work without costly additional functions. Therefore the economically interesting KSB entry model meets the essential requirements for suction blow molding and can be expanded if need be or retrofitted with additional functions or equipment options. The space requirements of the new KSB was reduced by almost 50 percent compared to previous suction blow molding systems in order to free up space in the production halls. A new, easy to assemble modular concept makes it possible to transport it in standard shipping containers, which makes the delivery of the machines faster and cheaper. Belt-less extruder drives (see report on page 7) and adjustable servo motors at the removal grippers decrease energy consumption and the reworked hydraulic unit with regulated servo drives also ensures particularly economical production.

Flexible and easy to use
The servo-hydraulic clamping unit of the KSB machines works without tie bars and can develop clamping forces up to 10 tons. A minimum opening of 500mm makes it flexible for the use of different mold sizes. The produced article can be discharged to the left or the right. The extruder platform is electrically adjustable and has a position memory.All KSB systems come with a 24 inch touchscreen and intuitive BC5 controls. In addition, the series was developed so that all settings can be made on the operator side and all processes can be followed at eye level and without tools. The machine also features improved access for operation and maintenance.

The third KSB goes to Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp.
With the KSB series, Kautex Maschinenbau offer customized machine technology for the world-wide increasing demand for intake ducts in the automotive market. It was first introduced at the Kautex Open House 2015 and the third machine of the new series was sold at the beginning of the year. One KSB10 went to the world-wide leading car supplier Joyson Electronics. At the same time, the employees from Ningbo, China were trained at Kautex Maschinenbau in Bonn.

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