Our contribution to the circular economy

Optimum PCR processing and maximum material savings

Especially as machine manufacturers, we have to ask ourselves how we can contribute to a sustainable handling of plastics. A well functioning recycling economy is the decisive way to achieve this sustainability.
We see ourselves as part of this cycle by linking between the raw material manufacturers and the processors and producing recyclable products.

With the slogan "Creating Change Together" we face up to our responsibility and work together with customers and suppliers on sustainable and digital solutions.

The example below shows what is possible with our technology and know-how.

Our target:

  • 100 % sustainable use of raw materials
  • Maximum material savings without sacrificing processing quality

Our case study

One bottle, two approaches

Not comparing apples with oranges, but pointing out specific possibilities. We look at one bottle, but two production approaches.

Both bottles were produced in the ReCo3 process under the same conditions on a KBB60D. The sustainable bottle (green) consists of bio-based plastic and foamed PCR.


Blue bottle

  • fossil HDPE
  • 3 identical layer

  • Cycle time 13 seconds
  • Weight 48 g

Green bottle

  • bio-based HPPE und PCR
  • Outer and inner layer made of bio-based HPPE; foamed middle layer made of PCR

  • Cycle time 13 seconds
  • Weight 39 g

Our result:

  • 18 % material savings
  • Greater stability thanks to embarrassed cell structure
  • High CO2 savings
  • Same manufacturing costs
  • 100% recyclable


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K-Foam brings substantial savings on material useage and an improved carbon footprint in the production of blow-molded products. more

Working together on solutions for tomorrow

We explore the PCR production of tomorrow

Don’t talk about tomorrow – take action today! Based on this philosophy, PCR types from all manner of suppliers have been tested and evaluated at the Kautex Technikum – not just on behalf of our customers, but for raw material suppliers too.

All benefit from our expertise on the various requirements, allowing us to implement future projects together. We are already working on PCR processing improvements and looking for partners to optimize this further.

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