Mission Statement

Our origins
Our origins
Kautex Maschinenbau has its roots in the boldness, joy of discovery and enthusiasm for technology that were demonstrated by our founder Reinold Hagen and his brothers. In the 1930s they believed in the future of plastic and invented and developed machines specifically designed to process this material. Their determination and genuine humanity shaped the first forty years of our company's history. From these beginnings the company grew into a leading international engineering company, especially during the more than 20 years that the business was part of the Krupp group. Many outstanding specialists from our former competitor, Johann Fischer, joined the company in 2004 and with their know-how and experience they have become highly regarded members of the team.

Today, the company’s private owners and the Kautex management team are working to ensure that it has the dynamics of a medium-sized business without losing the close working relationship that it enjoys with its customers. Today more than ever before, our employees are a part of this entrepreneurial spirit. The knowledge and ability of each individual employee, combined with their belief in the possibilities of technology and their willingness to work as a team, continue to be the driving force behind our success. Kautex staff have always been motivated by a desire to do the very best for our customers, who are the key to our future success. Every day, we endeavor to turn our customers’ challenges into our challenges.
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Our identity
Our identity

Kautex Maschinenbau is the world’s leading engineering company in the field of extrusion blow molding technology. We have been able to apply our knowledge and skills in all segments that use this particular technology with great success. We are committed to developing effective products and services for our customers in the packaging, specialized applications and automotive industries.

We see ourselves as your proactive entrepreneurial partners and trusted technology experts. We offer machinery that is market-driven, high-performance and yet extremely resource-efficient – from each individual component right up to the complete system solution – all backed up by our comprehensive service.
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Our values
Our values

It is the Kautex values that set the standard for our dealings not only with each other but also with our business partners, irrespective of nationality, specialist field or personal preference. These values are especially important to us: …more


Partnership-oriented, credible, loyal and high in integrity


Capable of making decisions, conscientious, transparent


Systematic, thorough


Ready to learn, innovative, sustainable, purpose-oriented

Open to change

Flexible, open, dynamic, adaptable


Experienced, realistic, active


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