The whole world of extrusion blow molding technology

Whether in the automotive sector, technical components, or industrial and consumer packaging – unlike other manufacturers, Kautex Maschinenbau is at home in every market segment that uses extrusion blow molding technology. Our customers not only benefit from innovations within their own sector, but also from the latest research and development that can be usefully applied across different industries.

At the same time, we understand that efficient production and good product solutions are only possible with fast, customer-oriented service. So we have made it our goal to offer the best service within the blow molding industry and to provide the strongest local service presence world-wide. We accompany our customers through every phase of the product life cycle. Even before the first phase begins, rapid prototyping and product simulations can provide real world samples of a product and simulate their use. If needed, we can also support our clients right up to the final phase of a complete production process. Our service concept embraces a marketing and service network that is unique in the industry. It ensures that spare parts and service engineers are quickly there to help.

The advantages for you:

Experience across all segments
Even in the design phase, our wide-ranging experience allows us to follow new and sometimes unusual routes. Just about every kind of blow molded part can be made using Kautex machines.

Extensive Kautex services
Thanks to our wide range of services, our technologies can satisfy every demand, whether it relates to product quality, efficiency, flexibility, availability or cost effectiveness.

Close collaboration up to complete turn-key solutions
Our experts are always there with help and advice from the first idea right up to the final commissioning. If required, we can accompany your project up to its complete turn-key solution in the form of entire manufacturing centers and production lines.

Long-term investment
Regular maintenance and convertible modular machine configurations ensure that your investments pay for themselves in the long term.

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