Supreme Industries Ltd. - A promising future market for Composite Cylinders

First production line for LPG-composite cylinders commissioned in Halol, India.

The market for composite cylinders is currently growing at a rate of 14 percent per annum, according to the Texan management consultancy Lucintel. It predicts a total market volume of $1,223 billion in 2015. Much of this growth in the market is due to the growing demand for transportation and storage containers for alternative energy sources such as liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). Composite cylinders offer a number of key benefits over traditional metal containers in terms of safety, corrosion and lighter weight.

This is why leading plastics processor Supreme Industries Ltd has been working with Kautex Maschinenbau to open its first full production line for composite LPG cylinders. This turnkey production facility has been designed to achieve annual production of 400,000 type IV composite cylinders in six different sizes. In an interview with K-News, the company's chairman SJ Taparia tells us more about the new facility.

Mr Taparia, what was the main reason behind your decision to become involved in the manufacture of composite gas cylinders?
It's quite simple – this is a real market of the future. Liquid petroleum gas and natural gas are becoming ever more important, particularly in the household installations sector. In India alone we are looking at an increase of 15 million gas cylinders per year, and the majority of existing gas cylinders are still made from metal. The outlook for the international market is the same. There is a growing demand within the automotive sector for more environmentally friendly LPG engines as an alternative to petrol engines.

What made you choose Kautex as your turnkey supplier for the new facility?
Our long-term success has always been based on an absolute commitment to quality, which is why we always work with leading suppliers in each of our different product segments. So it made sense for us to work with Kautex Maschinenbau on our first project involving blow molding technology. We also knew that Kautex have been pioneers in the development of composite cylinders.

What do you think are the other key factors for success in the market?
Along with excellent quality, it is also vital to have highly efficient production processes based on the very latest in machine technology. With this new production line, we are pioneers in the manufacture of composite cylinders.
Composite Vessel Line
Is there anything you have learnt from this project that you would like to share with our customers?
When you venture into a new area of business, it is vital to work with a partner who has in-depth knowledge and substantial experience in every area, from design and commissioning through to product optimization and production start-up. It’s also essential to have constant access to experts in the field. In this respect, our partnership with Kautex has been a huge success.
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