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MPE S.r.l has been a top international supplier to the automotive industry for 30 years. One of the key factors in its success is its excellent relationship with our team at Kautex Maschinenbau, along with our blow-molding technology.

MPE are specialists in the development and production of precision components for the global automotive industry. With five production facilities in Italy, the USA, Mexico and Serbia, the company sells almost  200 million vehicle components per year to the world's leading vehicle manufacturers. “It is a very demanding market. Suppliers have to be flexible and set high standards while still offering competitive prices”, explains MPE’s President, Giorgio Battagliotti.

Foto: Giorgio (l.) and Riccardo (r.) Battagliotti, MPE srl

Focus on customer needs
In order to meet these challenges, MPE understands the importance of maintaining close relationships with its international customers. Regular visits and invitations to customer audits and the continuous development of products and strategies are all vital factors in this respect. Mr. Battagliotti describes his company’s philosophy as follows: “Good suppliers never rest on their laurels but are always striving to improve.” This is why MPE believes it is essential to work closely with customers from the very beginning. As an experienced businessman, Battagliotti is well aware that “the acquisition phase is where we can really make an impression. This is where we can set-out our stall, show the customer that meeting their needs is our number one priority and explain how we can work together to find the perfect solution.”

Continuous improvement
MPE also expects this kind of service from its own suppliers. This is where Kautex Maschinenbau has a major advantage, thanks to its tried-and-tested mix of innovation, reliability and customer focus. MPE currently operates 13 Kautex machines that have already provided many years of reliable service. But sound, reliable engineering is only part of the story. “Of course we expect to see continuous improvements in terms of performance and efficiency”, explains Battagliotti. The bar has already been set very high, because the company has to satisfy leading vehicle manufacturers such as VW, BMW and Daimler “In Kautex, we have a partner who can help us to achieve our goals – making continuous improvements to production processes and developing exciting new products.”

MPE and the Kautex team already enjoy a lively exchange of ideas, and in future this will be even more rapid and effective. MPE is growing in the Nafta region and is now concretly examining the opportunities and potential that the Asian market has to offer.  Kautex-Maschinenbau will be there to accompany Giorgio Battagliotti and his team every step of the way.
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