BC4 lite – modular control system for retrofitting

With the new modular wall thickness control system, even outdated machinery can be gradually retrofitted.
An imprecise wall thickness control system inevitably leads to inferior products. But what should you do when your machine is out-of-date and the spare parts you need are no longer available? With BC4 lite, Kautex Maschinenbau can now offer its customers a control system that can be easily and systematically retrofitted, including older extrusion blow molding machines.

BC4 lite

Step by step to a new control system
Customers can choose between two retrofitting options: the modular system means the basic controls remain unaffected. After the basic module has been installed, up to eight other modules can be replaced. And depending on the customer's requirements and budget, the retrofitting can be done in stages. As an alternative to the modular system, it is also possible to replace the existing control unit with a complete control cabinet.

Technically advanced, fast availability
The BC4 lite system offers much-improved WDS control with up to 100 support points and a storage function for formulae. There is also a 12-inch touchscreen displaying the actual value. The BC4 lite is operated via current standard software, which is also used in the latest machines from Kautex Maschinenbau. Support and spare parts availability is guaranteed for many years to come.

State-of-the-art technology – even for external machinery
The BC4 lite modules are suitable for all machines with wall thickness programmers. Kautex Maschinenbau machines, such as the KEB series, can be quickly and easily retrofitted, but they are also suitable for use on external plant, such as machinery from Battenfeld or Voith-Fischer. As a result, regulating and control components that are no longer available can be cheaply and easily replaced. So, for example, the BC4 lite basic module acts as an excellent replacement for the popular Moog 25 point programmer. The machine operator can replace the Moog 25 point programmer in the space of a day. Slight modifications to the wiring also allow other wall thickness programmers to be replaced, such as those from BM-Elektronik and Hunkar.



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