K-News issue 2 - 2012

Bigger and better - the new Kautex plant in China.
Since 1994, the Kautex plant in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong has been manufacturing KCC machines and supplying them to customers around the globe. But now the factory is bursting at the seams because of the increase ... read more

Kautex and the industry‘s ABC
This year, the Annual Blow Molding Conference (ABC) was held in Pittsburgh. Kautex was well-represented with an information stand and four conference speakers. But that‘s not all. The Chairman of the conference organisers, SPE, is also a Kautex man. ... read more

Higher performance, lower costs
US fuel tank manufacturers Vitec have restored their competitiveness thanks to extensive automation of their production line. ... read more

Get together with added value
First plastics seminar in Cairo. What is the current state of blow molding technology? What are the main challenges for the future? Where can I find solutions to all my application problems? In May this year, the first Kautex plastics seminar in Cairo provided the answers ... read more

Eco-friendly multi-layer tight-head containers
Nowadays, the environment is a hot topic in the plastics industry. Alongside the economic and ecological importance of saving energy when running machinery, there is now also an increased focus on sustainable and eco-friendly production processes when ... read more

Blowfilling technology saves materials and weight
Blow molding applications have to meet a wide range of requirements. Significant weight reduction, improved stability and savings on materials can all be achieved with blowfilling technology and Kautex Maschinenbau. ... read more

Lightweight and versatile: vessels from composite materials
The energy industry is increasingly turning to composite pressure vessels. Kautex Maschinenbau supplies its customers with turnkey plant solutions for the production of these versatile containers. ... read more

Virtual blow molding machine speeds up processes
A virtual blow molding machine means that Kautex machines can now be commissioned quickly and operators/service personnel be trained efficiently under real conditions. ... read more

New Kautex sales office opens in Moscow
Kautex Maschinenbau expands its customer service in Russia and the neighboring regions. ... read more

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