At the forefront of technology in the automotive industry

An 80 percent market share speaks for itself: Kautex Maschinenbau is the market leader in the development and production of machinery for the manufacture of hollow plastic parts for the automotive industry. And with good reason. Since we developed the first blow molding machinery for plastic fuel tanks in 1973, we have worked with our customers to introduce countless industry innovations, from blow-molded rear end spoilers and bumper enclosures to a wide range of three-dimensional curved pipes.

The starting point for this ongoing success story is our close collaboration with our customers. In our Technikum, we work on projects right up to the start of full production. On request, we provide ongoing help and advice from the initial idea up to final implementation. If you want to revolutionize the automotive world with the help of innovative blow molding technology, then Kautex Maschinenbau is the partner for you!

5 Reasons to Choose Kautex

High Speed

Speed isn’t just a factor for fascinating automobiles but also for innovative blow molding technologies. Kautex machines are renowned for their high output, optimized movement sequences, lightning-fast product changes and minimal downtime. Our prototyping service helps innovations reach market maturity faster than ever.


Precision is essential for automotive performance to be fully unleashed.

With their outstanding repeatability, Kautex machines set the standards in this regard as well. Closed-loop controls with proportional valve technology and the unwavering efficiency of the extruder guarantee success time after time – so that production quality isn’t just a coincidence but rather the  standard

High Tech

Do the technological developments in modern vehicles set your pulse racing? If so, you should take a look at our machines, which are second to none in terms of their modular versatility and high-performance computerized technologies that are no less innovative than the likes of ABS and ESC. Whether it’s tailored hydraulic systems or meticulously engineered die head designs for an optimum wall thickness distribution, Kautex technology will take your breath away.


The modular system of Kautex blow molding machines allows them to be configured in just the same way you’d choose your car – with the difference that even retrofitting is child’s play withour machines. Our retrofit program, for example, ensures you benefit from maximum investment security, with accumulators tailored to every size of machine to increase efficiency. We call it winning flexibility. What would you call it?


Kautex machines are known the world over for their outstanding efficiency. As opposed to the cars themselves, this isn’t just down to the low average energy consumption but also their incredible ease of maintenance and use, the continually optimized electronic control system and the extruder’s high output. Increased performance for less money – what more could you ask for?

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