Best energy efficiency class during the Euromap measurement

The outstanding efficiency of the all-electric extrusion blow molding machines is confirmed by the latest test based on the Euromap 46.1 standards. Several Kautex machines of the KBB series achieved the best energy efficiency classification 10. The industrial Euromap standards developed by the association permit the comparison of machines by different manufacturers on the basis of standardized parameters. The electrical consumption, the cooling water consumption and heat energy of the plastic are measured. By introducing many technological optimizations, Kautex systems can now operate with a significantly higher energy-efficiency compared to a few years ago.

In addition to the Euromap 46.1 standards, Kautex Maschinenbau also established consumption measurements to provide energy usage for the anticipated production conditions, before the delivery of a machine. This machine-specific measurement is made for all Kautex machines at the pre-acceptance performed at the Bonn headquarters. It considers the material and the product being made as well as the configuration of the machine. In contrast to Euromap 46.1, this data includes the recording of the electricity, water and air consumption; the pressures of all supplied utilities; the entire cooling energy; the water temperature and the calculated kg per hour throughput.

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