Kautex foam technology

Kautex foam technology “K-Foam” brings substantial savings on material useage and an improved carbon footprint in the production of blow-molded products. All Kautex Maschinenbau machines can be equipped or retrofitted with this system.

Less plastic

Less plastic

Up to 20% reduction in material use

Improved carbon footprint

Improved carbon footprint

Up to 20% less CO2 emissions

Greater product rigidity

Greater product rigidity

Material rigidity can be significantly increased

Optimal Integration

Optimal integration

Technology tailored for integration into Kautex machinery

Insulation effect

Insulation effect

The foam structure offers an increased insulation effect

Manufacturing process for an improved carbon footprint

With foam technology you reduce the amount of plastic used and thus can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20%. Gas is injected into the polymer melt in the extruder in a supercritical state during plasticizing. The high-precision dosage and outstanding homogenization, combined with Kautex engineering, creates extremely fine-celled foam structures. The technology has been optimized for Kautex machines and the operation has been integrated into the Kautex HMI.

Reduced material use due to foam technology

Thanks to the foam process, you can benefit from major savings on the amount of plastics consumed during the manufacturing process. Depending on the application, material use is reduced by up to 20% with the foaming technology. Additional benefits are greater product rigidity and enhanced performance such as a higher insulation effect. The process is easily and conveniently controlled via the machine’s operating system using the specially designed integration into the Kautex BC5 controller.


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