KSH Blow Molding Machines

The KSH series is a generation of extrusion blow molding machines for single and multi-layer applications. The machines are available in single-station and double-station configurations as required.

KSH machines have been developed as compact and efficient blow molding machines. Thanks to the 3-layer ReCo production process, the use of masterbatches can be significantly reduced and a large proportion of regrind can be recycled back into the production cycle. In addition, the cycle time is significantly reduced by the use of a servo-electric parison transfer.


The easy-to-assemble modularization concept and the possibility of shipping in standard ISO containers offer more flexibility and shorter delivery times. The modular S4 clamping unit of the KSH machine develops clamping forces of up to 100 t. The opening width allows for greater flexibility for the use of different mold sizes.




  • Economically designed basic model, can be retrofitted later
  • Multilayer extrusion
  • Extensive downstream possibilities

Easy handling

  • Fully adjustable during operation
  • Retrieve production data via mobile web interface

Less downtime

  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Designed for fast mold changes


  • Modular concept
  • Quick and easy mold change with S4 clamping unit
  • Wide range of products

Energy efficiency

  • Removable gripper with adjustable servo motors
  • Beltless extruder drive for servo-electric parison transfer

Less space required

  • Compact design for optimum space utilization
  • Container-ready components simplify shipping

Extrusion heads „Made by Kautex“

  • Designed for multilayer applications
  • Optional with PWDS and SFDR

Flexible S4 clamping unit

  • Modular design allows for more flexibility in each individual configuration
  • Container-ready design
  • Parallelism of the clamping plates can be adjusted later

Blow command with Large display

  • Optimized operation concept
  • Intuitive 24” touchscreen interface with BC5 controls
  • Integrated maintenance system and online handbook


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Virtual machine

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