The fast way from an idea to market.

The development of a product from the first flash of inspiration to series maturity takes place in many steps. Sometimes it is a long way to the target. To get there faster, there is the Kautex pilot plant. Whether internal R&D activities or external services, the three international facilities provide machines and systems for the entire range of applications.

In addition to the Bonn pilot plant, Kautex customers also have access to laboratories in the USA and China where material tests and samples can be carried out directly on site.

Direct on-site exchange is particularly important for development work with customers. With decentralized services, Kautex Maschinenbau is more efficient, faster, and better able to respond to regional market needs.

A large number of services are available to customers at the international laboratory locations. These include the sampling of moulds or pilot tools for risk reduction on series production tools as well as the testing of new materials and production processes. All tests at Kautex's decentralized laboratory sites are performed by process engineers with many years of experience.

We advise you on the product design and ensure that the design is suitable for blow molding. The implementation of the products in 3D as well as a process and product simulation are part of our daily tools of the trade. With the possibilities of sampling and prototyping from a single source, we provide important decision-making bases.

The competitiveness of companies today depends very much on the speed with which new ideas are implemented. This is why the technical facilities are available to our customers as well as to raw material manufacturers and toolmakers for joint work. In addition, we support our customers by jointly handling pilot and small series.

Thanks to consistent project management and coordination from a single source, time to market is shortened. In addition, you can count on lower development costs because we as a partner provide you with a well-functioning infrastructure. Nothing stands in the way of a new product.

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