Product and Process Optimization

The competitiveness of our company depends very much on how rapidly new ideas can be implemented. New products and processes are developed more effectively in a team approach. If several team members contribute professional expertise, the implementation of new ideas will take place much faster.

For this very reason, all equipment in our Technikum is available for joint development projects with our customers. Sampling of molds, pre-production sampling and short production runs are services we gladly provide in order to avoid that production equipment at our customer's facilities be used for these tasks.

Our services:

  • Product development and optimization
  • Prototyping
  • Sampling of molds
  • Material developments and trials
  • Short production runs
  • Support with start of production
  • Process development

Our professional expertise ranges from consumer and industrial packaging applications and other conventional blow molded articles to 3D techniques and large industrial products such as fuel tanks.

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