Consumer Packaging

Sustainable Consumer Packaging Machines

The production of consumer packaging from plastic is a key part of the Kautex story. We shaped this chapter in history with packagings for washing agents, foodstuffs, cosmetics and much more besides. Today it is not just a matter of unit costs and function. The visual appearance of the product, its haptic quality and degree of sustainability also play an important role in the eyes of our customers and those of end consumers.

We make it possible for you to include high-quality surfaces and important barrier layers in container production while maintaining attractive prices. Multilayer processes (co-extrusion), coating processes and foaming are just a few of the processes we offer.

Our aim is to continue to reduce the use of material with new technologies, to further optimize the design for recycling and thus make the products even more sustainable. We work closely together with our customers and partners to achieve this. In other words: We develop high-performance machines for you which signify two aspects: Sustainable production and low unit costs.

Packaging: Optimum preparation for future markets

Reduced material requirements, sustainable materials, barrier properties, high-quality surface appearance and wide-ranging surface feel requirements are often key factors in the packaging segment. Kautex Maschinenbau has been boosting its customers with innovative solutions as a strategic partner since 1935.

We provide an abundance of possibilities such as co-extrusion, plasma coating, foams and much more available to our customers. Even the most individual designs can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively on Kautex machines, even if high quantities or frequent color and format changes are required.

We strive to make your production processes as frictionless and efficient as possible every day. This enables you to combine excellent product quality and attractive production costs, providing the best possible solutions for future markets.

Application examples

Alexander Umlauf-Sauer
When it comes to tightly calculated cycle times, high demand on product quality, flexibility and delivery reliability, benchmarks have to be set to comply with high customer expectations. With Kautex machines and services we can achieve those targets.

Alexander Umlauf-Sauer

Director Sales,
Sauer Polymertechnik GmbH & Co.KG

Sauer Polymertechnik GmbH & Co.KG

Reasons for Kautex



Wide-ranging packaging expertise thanks to broad project experience over many years



New solutions for process and product cost optimization are always being created thanks to the inspiration of our customers



The right production solution for your requirements

Mold validations

Mold validations

A huge range of possibilities in our international technical centers

Product bandwidth

Product bandwidth

Lots of possibilities thanks to mono or multilayer extrusion with and without view stripes and a huge selection of designs

KBB range

Maximum performance and minimum energy consumption: The all-electric extrusion blow molding machines from Kautex Maschinenbau System GmbH are the benchmark for bottle production.

KCC range

Performance oriented and cost efficient at the same time. The all-rounders of the KCC range are the result of consistent further development of these successful machine.


The fully electric extrusion blow molding machines meet the specifications of cleanroom class GMP C as part of a coordinated production system. They also make comprehensive transfer of operating data from production possible.

Industrial Packaging

We offer production solutions for target applications which are perfectly coordinated, guaranteeing the highest levels of productivity and product quality for our customers.

Skyreef series

With the new SKYREEF series, we now offer a modern and highly flexible production solution for high quality products from a single source with the full potential of our control system and services.

Technology Center

From mold validation in one of our international technology laboratories via simulation and all the way to complete line-engineering, everything needed for your turnkey solution is available.


Your added value for “smart” production solutions of hollow plastic products. With K Technology, Kautex customers achieve the perfect melt, the most homogeneous distribution, and seamless production sequences.


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