Intermittent extrusion blow molding

Intermittent accumulator head extrusion - the driving force behind the production of large molded parts

Continuous extrusion blow molding is not the ideal process for exceptionally long blow molded parts like surfboards and kayaks because of the required parison length. It is also not suitable for the processing of raw materials with low levels of viscosity such as for the production of spoilers or liners. For such applications, Kautex Maschinenbau System GmbH offers a broad range of highly efficient and extremely durable die heads with intermittent extrusion.

In this process the plastic melt does not flow through the extrusion head continuously. It is instead collected in a melt reservoir and released intermittently.
Plastics with low levels of viscosity and melt strength are suitable for this type of extrusion.

In conjunction with the extrusion head, the correct composition, homogeneity, and flow properties of the melt are decisive factors for the productivity of your system and the quality of your product. As a customer of ours you will receive more than the mere technology. We also provide comprehensive advice. Our aim is for you to achieve reliable and efficient production.

With us you benefit from know-how built up over many years and our unique technological and rheological knowledge concerning the flow behavior of plastics. We are of course continuing to develop with the latest simulation and production techniques. We are certain that this Kautex expertise will help you achieve sustainable and efficient production.


Continuous extrusion blow molding is the efficient process for multilayer packagings. We have had a significant influence on the process, and we are a leading force in this technology.


We produce tailor-made extrusion blow molding machines for which user-friendliness and reducing production costs are key aspects.


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