KSH range

KSH blow molding machines – compact and efficient

Efficient production and investment. Kautex Maschinenbau’s KSH range involves extrusion blow molding machines for mono and multilayer applications, which were developed for the manufacture of large containers such as drums and IBCs. They are available as both single and double-station machines according to requirements.

The KSH machines are a smaller relation of the KBS machines so we have developed them as a compact and efficient generation of new blow molding machines. This enables us to make consistent improvements to the unit costs of your production. We also make it possible for you to enjoy low energy consumption and the shortest additional process times.

We reduce the use of master batches significantly with the 3-layer ReCo3 production process. This is because a large proportion of regrind can be returned to the production cycle. The cycle time is also reduced considerably thanks to the use of a servo driven parison transfer. The servo suction hydraulic also provides you with significant energy savings.

The new KSH200

The KSH200 blow molding machine makes IBC production more reliable and efficient. It ensures the highest article quality and the lowest production costs. 

Reduced energy requirements, the shortest possible down times and a fully IBC-optimized production process combine to enable the highest output capacities.

Virtual machine views: KSH range

Experience the virtual 360° views of our machines.

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Reasons for Kautex

Reduced energy requirement

Reduced energy requirement

Take out gripper with adjustable servo motors, beltless extruder drive and servo driven parison transfer

Compact machine design

Compact machine design

Compact, modular construction with assemblies suitable for container transport

Short down times

Short down times

Automatic lubrication system and quick mold change

Cost effective

Cost effective

Economically designed base model with modular configurability



Material and energy savings plus PCR processing


Virtual training

Trainee pilots practice on flight simulators before they are allowed to take control of real aircraft. And now there is a similar simulator for extrusion blow molding machines from Kautex Maschinenbau.

KSH drum production

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