Type IV composite pressure vessels for automotive

We are in a period of change. The drive technologies for all types of vehicles are changing radically. Manufacturers are focusing more and more on CNG and hydrogen-powered systems as well as battery-powered drive units. These must withstand high pressure loads and varying climatic conditions, and also guarantee the safe storage of the fuel. Type IV composite pressure vessels come under particular consideration in the motor vehicle sector.

Kautex Maschinenbau operates a development center for thermoplastic composite pressure vessels (CPV). We carry out a lot of work with CPV for hydrogen, as well as pressure vessels for braking systems and hybrid drive systems, not forgetting tanks for natural gas-powered vehicles.

Nothing is beyond us. Our ongoing research work makes it possible for us to manufacture hydrogen liners from polyamide for you with a capacity of 300 liters and upwards. We spend every day pushing the boundaries further.

Our services include all stages of the development of the product, from the production of prototypes and small batches right through to the planning and realization of complete production solution.

Hydrogen storage and transport solutions for the mobility of tomorrow

Hydrogen is an alternative to fossil fuels and battery-powered electric drives. It does, however, impose particularly stringent requirements regarding the impermeability of the liner material. H2 pressure vessels are designed for an operating pressure of 700 bar and a bursting pressure of 1750 bar.

Special polyamides (PA) provide the best barrier properties here. Together with renowned plastics manufacturer we are improving continuously the extrusion blow molding process which makes it possible to manufacture hydrogen liners from PA with diameters of over 500 mm and lengths of 2500 mm.

Composite pressure vessels: The light and secure alternative to steel cylinders

Natural gas is firmly established on the market as an alternative fuel for automobiles, trucks, and buses. Numerous vehicles are equipped with steel or aluminum tanks for this purpose. Composite pressure vessels (CPV) made of thermoplastics don’t just offer an alternative at an attractive price.

Our CPVs are more secure and above all lighter than traditional steel cylinders. We are developing them in various sizes. The weight saving per cylinder can be as high as 77%. The vessels are designed for an operating pressure of 250 bar and a bursting pressure of 700 bar.

Compressed air braking systems: Particularly light and secure

Compressed air braking systems are used primarily in trucks. They use compressed air rather than the brake fluid common in most automobiles, and they require a robust pressure vessel.

We offer composite pressure vessels as an alternative to the traditional aluminum and steel pressure vessels. They are cheaper to manufacture and also much lighter. Your advantage: Up to 65% lighter than the steel alternative and 30% lighter than the aluminum one. Composite pressure vessels are also completely corrosion proof and allow a number of different possibilities for connection.

We have been a trailblazer in the fields of technology and innovation for the manufacture of composite pressure vessels for compressed air braking systems for many years.

Application examples

320-Liter Hydrogen Liner

Kautex Maschinenbau's blow molding experts have successfully produced a large-volume polyamide liner for hydrogen pressure vessels using extrusion blow molding. The liner is over two meters long, with a diameter of approximately 500 mm and a volume of 320 liters. This is the first time that a liner for a hydrogen container has been produced in this size by extrusion blow molding.

KBS range

All-rounder with limitless possibilities. The extremely durable KBS range produces fuel tanks, canoes, seat shells, table tops and much more.


We design high-quality composite gas bottles for you, and we develop individual production solutions - from the extrusion blow molding machine via the liner processing all the way to testing equipment.


We have a wealth of experience and the right technical equipment for the development of composite pressure vessels of different shapes and sizes. Please contact us if you are interested in new solutions!


From mold validation in one of our international technology laboratories via simulation and all the way to complete line-engineering, everything needed for your turnkey solution is available.


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