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    Corporate Brochure

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    Trainee Brochure (German Version)

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    Kautex Maschinenbau System GmbH back to normal business

    New investor for Kautex Maschinenbau


    Self-administration in response to external developments

    Chinaplas 2023: Focus on blow molded final plastic products of highest quality


    Experience the Difference: Kautex focuses on plastic products of highest quality

    Old fishing nets become children's watering cans

    Management succession at Kautex Maschinenbau

    Kautex Maschinenbau to showcase innovations in a virtual space

    Chinaplas - Kautex to unveil new Skyreef series

    Kautex Maschinenbau - seamless commissioning of systems thanks to optimal preparation on the digital twin

    Kautex Maschinenbau is celebrating 25 years of machine production in China

    Product initiative in the packaging sector focuses on smart solutions and sustainability

    Kautex Maschinenbau appoints a new head of Global IT

    Samuel Tevosyan is new CEO of Kautex Maschinenbau in Russia

    Jorge Cuevas Martín appointed head of Global Service

    Kautex Maschinenbau appoints Michael Müller as new global sales manager for the packaging division

    Kautex produces 320-liter hydrogen liner in blow molding process

    Julia Keller is Kautex Maschinenbau's new CFO

    Kautex Maschinenbau strengthens its supply chain management

    Admir Dobraca is new CEO of Kautex Machines Inc. (USA)

    Kautex Maschinenbau continues its strategic reorganization – Change process now finalized

    85 Years in Business – Kautex Maschinenbau: Promoting Sustainability and Plastics Recycling

    Thomas Hartkämper is the new CEO of Kautex Maschinenbau

    Thomas Hartkämper is new COO of Kautex Maschinenbau

    Creating Change Together – Kautex Maschinenbau to present sustainability concepts at K 2019

    Partnership during K-2019: Braskem, Kautex Maschinenbau and Erema will demonstrate a closed plastic loop

    Chinaplas 2019 – Kautex presents a blow molding machine with a new 6-layer extrusion head

    Kautex Maschinenbau suffers from economic downturn

    Kautex Vision

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    Kautex Sustainability Vision

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    Full Production Halls CP/IP

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    Full Production Halls IP/Specialties

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    SKYREEF 400D BLUE Image

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    SKYREEF 400D BLUE Highlights

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