Die heads

Die heads

Kautex die heads - groundbreaking technologies are the key to added value creating products

Technological changes which have a fundamental impact on sectors are known as disruptive innovations. This is Kautex Maschinenbau’s precise mission! We develop smart production solutions with new technologies, helping our customers towards added value creating products, and changing sectors permanently. In 2019 we started to introduce disruptive innovations for our own die heads, thereby providing a view of future developments.

    We will delight you with our brand! You can benefit from drastically reduced color and material change over times, new solutions for weight reduction, and significant increases in productivity for example. As experts in blow molding technology, we can provide you with real competitive advantages.

    Kautex has been producing die heads (or extrusion heads) for decades and all our developments benefit from our many years of valuable experience. 

    We make a large range of models from mono to multilayer extrusion available to you.

    We are one of the few suppliers to independently develop, manufacture, commission and optimize machines together with all extrusion components.

    Your advantage: If you should encounter a problem, we will identify it and rectify it quickly and easily without any need for discussions with third-party suppliers. You have a central contact person and you benefit from shorter down times and a higher degree of process efficiency.

    Reasons for Kautex



    Our extrusion experts will bring your complete solution to fruition

    Perfect melt

    Perfect melt

    Best homogeneity for weight and products optimization

    Shortest down times

    Shortest down times

    Quick problem identification and rectification



    Lots of possibilities for PCR processing and material savings

    Maximum selection

    Maximum selection

    Large production selection from mono through to multilayer extrusion

    Optimal design thanks to highly realistic simulation

    We use a special design and simulation software to examine the components with a wide range of materials, and design them to the optimum. This enables us to quickly supply precise information about output figures and melt temperatures. You then benefit from the highest product quality and the fastest process times.

    Die head assemblies of all sizes

    There are no limits to the variety of Kautex die head (or extrusion head) assemblies. Precision engineering with the most exact tolerances is required for all parts, regardless of whether smaller extrusion heads for packaging machines, or particularly large ones for the automotive sector and special products are involved. 

    Our range of services starts with the construction of single to multilayer variants with and without view stripes, and it extends to a large variety of retrofitting options.


    Intermittent extrusion blow molding is the efficient process for long and large hollow parts. We provide a broad range of highly efficient and extremely durable die heads for this purpose.


    Continuous extrusion blow molding is the efficient process for multilayer packagings. We have had a significant influence on the process, and we are a leading force in this technology.

    Fast color change

    With the patented RapidXchange technology, we have developed a way to reduce the purging process by up to 75%.


    As mechanical and polymer engineers, it is essential that we ask ourselves how we can contribute to the sustainable handling of plastics. This sustainability is best achieved with a fully functioning recycling system.


    We produce tailor-made extrusion blow molding machines for which user-friendliness and reducing production costs are key aspects.


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