SKYREEF extrusion blow molding machines – Our flexible platform solution

With the new SKYREEF series, we now offer a modern and highly flexible production solution for high quality products from a single source with the full potential of our control system and services.

Why we created SKYREEF

In a fast-changing world with regularly changing market conditions, customer requirements change, new technological solutions emerge on a shorter basis than ever and with this, also new possibilities to make machines even better. Our customers requirements are becoming much more differentiated and our extrusion blow molding machines need to be even more versatile.

New versatile machine concept

With our new standardised SKYREEF platform solution, you can now choose many options. You decide whether it comes as a hydraulic, all-electric or hybrid version. It is a end to end Kautex platform, with optimized modules that are designed to match each other.

Hydraulic: SKYREEF



Sustainability driven

Sustainability is one of the most important drivers in our industry. We are striving to save costs by reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials. Still focusing on highest product quality and production performance.

Global production flexibility #madebyKautex
The SKYREEF platform is assembled in equal parts at our production facilities in Bonn/Germany and Shunde/China - #madebyKautex!

Virtual machine views: Skyreef series

Experience the virtual 360° views of the Skyreef series.

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Full (Eco)System

SKYREEF stands for the right environment for all elements to achieve their full potential. We maximize the value of the article by creating the best conditions.

Sustainable solution

SKYREEF creates the right environment for added value product production worldwide. High reliability and low energy consumption characterize our machines worldwide.

DNA of Innovation

Kautex has a strong history of innovation. Over the years, based on deep applications knowledge, we have developed leading innovative solutions. This is part of our DNA.

Videos on our new SKYREEF blow molding machines

Reasons for Kautex

Reduced energy requirement

Reduced energy requirement

All-electric machines with recovery of braking energy and efficient melting

Maximum performance

Maximum performance

Harmonious movement profiles in conjunction with the highest speeds and shortest additional process times



Highest repeat accuracy from the first second of the start of production



Lowest energy consumption, reduced use of material and shortest change over times



Material and energy savings plus PCR processing


Fast color change

With the patented RapidXchange technology, we have developed a way to reduce the purging process by up to 75%.

Fast mold change

A change of product is often associated with loss of production time and risks. KBB machines are designed to reduce such downtimes. The innovative Kautex fast-change system enables a mold to be changed in 15 minutes or less. In this system, every movement was analyzed by Kautex engineers.

Virtual training

Trainee pilots practice on flight simulators before they are allowed to take control of real aircraft. And now there is a similar simulator for extrusion blow molding machines from Kautex Maschinenbau.

Energy efficiency

The outstanding efficiency of the all-electric extrusion blow molding machines is confirmed by the latest test based on the Euromap 46.1 standards. Several Kautex machines of the KBB series achieved the best energy efficiency classification 10.


The IntelliGate system from Kautex Maschinenbau turns your Kautex extrusion blow molding machines into a complete production cell. The individual modules are coordinated to your machine by our experts and connected via the next generation interface.


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