R-Cycle. Working together with partners to promote sustainable recycling management

We follow our corporate vision and develop "intelligent" production solutions for value-added articles. This includes in particular sustainability-oriented solutions.

At the start of 2020 the European Union published its Action Plan for the Circular Economy to ensure that plastic packagings are traceable in the future and thus more recyclable. This is also tremendously important issue for Kautex Maschinenbau. For this reason we have committed to the R-Cycle initiative, in which we join together with significant partners in the plastics sector, to promote this objective with passion and ambition.

R-Cycle is the open and globally applicable standard for the tracing of plastic packagings throughout the life cycle. The aim is to guarantee recyclability through complete documentation of all recycling-relevant packaging properties on the basis of established technologies.

R-Cycle fulfills one of the most important prerequisites for the recycling of plastics as marking makes the packaging identifiable. The complete value chain can be traced right back to the raw materials used via a cloud-based database.

R-Cycle officially started in June 2020. The plastics machinery manufacturers Reifenhäuser, Arburg and Brückner Maschinenbau are taking part in the project at present, together with the IKV Institute for Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University. We receive support for our work from GS1 Germany, a neutral center of excellence and service center for optimization of cross-company business processes throughout the value chain.

For further information please refer to: www.r-cycle.org


As mechanical engineers, it is essential that we ask ourselves how we can contribute to the sustainable handling of plastics. This sustainability is best achieved with a fully functioning recycling system.

Energy efficiency

The outstanding efficiency of the all-electric extrusion blow molding machines is confirmed by the latest test based on the Euromap 46.1 standards. Several Kautex machines of the KBB series achieved the best energy efficiency classification 10.


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